Sun Coast Marine Surveying and Consulting is a professional marine surveying company servicing the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area. Our company strives to provide a very detailed, accurate, and complete survey to our clients. Our staff provides an array of surveys and inspections to meet our clients needs. The services we offer are:

Pre-purchase Marine Surveys- A Pre-purchase survey is an extensive vessel inspection that is often required and is highly recommended to have performed when purchasing a new or pre-owned boat or yacht regardless of its condition, age or the reputation of the manufacture. Our professional surveys will provide the buyer with a detailed description, appearance and functionality of the vessel. Our surveys include essential information needed to make a wise purchasing decision. The information included in the survey: The structural integrity of the hull, all running gear such as outdrives, props, prop shafts, rudders, struts, engine(s) and propulsion modules, wiring, and electrical components, electronics and navigation systems such as chart plotters and radar, fuel hoses and transfer systems, all tankage for fuel, water and waste, installed support systems and all onboard safety equipment. We recommend all vessels being surveyed also under go an out-of-water bottom inspection and a full operational sea trial. We inspect and research any documentation available on the vessel such as prior state registration and U.S.C.G. documentation and maintenance records. All surveys include an overall condition rating, market value and replacement value. We provide several important features to our surveys. 1. Our surveyors have the equipment to extract oil samples on the primary engine(s), reduction gearing (transmissions) and generators and have them analyzed by one of the top oil analysis labratories in the country. Oil analysis can provide key information as to the health of the engines. 2. We are one of the few marine surveying companies using thermal imaging technology using the new FLIR® MSX Thermal Imaging® technology when surveying a vessel. The advantages of using thermal imaging can be explained here.

Insurance Marine Surveys- Insurance surveys are conducted to provide information to your insurance carrier to enable the underwriter to determine the risk of insuring a specific vessel. Insurance companies need to have information as to the structural integrity of the vessel, safety equipment onboard, what support systems are installed and their operational status. Information such as is the vessel capable to be safely operated for the intended use. Most insurance companies require a survey prior to providing coverage. Additional information utilized to determine coverage is the vessels market and replacement value which is included also on the insurance survey. As a member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS)®, all insurance surveys are written to their standards and will be accepted by all insurance companies in the United States and abroad.

Damage Inspection- A damage inspection is used to assist in determining the extent and cause of a vessel casualty. The report may be used for claim indemnification or protestation. This inspection is required to assist with insurance claims and includes recommended repairs, estimated repair costs and if required possibly the cause of the accident if it can be determined.